Used Camera Equipment

For more information on classes, trips, and photography schedules and costs - E-Mail Peggy Goldberg at pgoldberg@goldenimages- or talk to her in person at 352.591.1508.

As of now, all used equipment has been sold. If you are interested in listing any equipment, read the terms below.

All equipment listed is sold "as is". If you have used equipment for sale, I will assume no responsibility for its condition - I expect all who deal with me to be honest about their equipment. Shipping and handling will be the responsibility of the owner. A photo (small jpeg image), a detailed description of the item, its history, and the price you need to get should be sent. State if it is "never used", "reconditioned", "flooded and fixed". I will take 10% of the sale price for putting it on the website and trying to connect you with a buyer. If you are interested in buying an item, you will contact me, and I will get you in touch with the owner. As always, buyer beware - ask questions!

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